Offline is still a goldmine

Have you noticed that online marketing and making money online has been the main subject lately.

I do offline marketing and there’s a goldmine in it. Direct marketing is better than it has ever been. Take notice that you do not get direct mail as much as you used to before the internet. Does that mean it doesn’t work anymore. I am here to tell you that it works better than ever.
Just think about it.
Direct mail started losing effectiveness when people started getting overloaded with mail.
Then came the internet, getting an email used to be a big deal, remember the phrase “you got mail”. I used to get excited when I hear it. Imagine if that notification is still active today, it won’t shut up. We are bombarded by emails all day long. It takes a lot of work and trust building to get people excited about seeing an email from you, fragile trust that can be destroyed easily.
Direct mail is not getting the attention that it used to from promoters and advertisers, reading through the mail is no longer a daunting task, even if it’s promotional.
You can make money promoting your products offline, or even selling offline promotion services, more on that later.