The Secret – Continued

I promised in the last post “what the secret” that I will mention what is needed for a successful online business, well, here it goes.

The most important advice I can give you is to treat it as a business, a real business. If you treat it as a hobby, I promise you, you won’t make any real money, in fact, it will not be worth the effort. This discipline is what allowed me to finally make a living online. I didn’t always feel about it this way, in fact, the lack of this discipline, is exactly why it took me years to finally make money online.
If you are not comfortable thinking of it as a business, think of it as a job that you are required to do and that you will get fired if you don’t do it right.

You need;

Something to sell, it needs to be something that people want. (Product creation or acquisition)
A way to find your ideal customers. (Marketing research)
A way to reach those customers. (Marketing media)
A way to sell and close those customers. (Copy writing skills or resources)
A medium to complete the sales process. (In person, mailing, or website)
A way to collect money from those customers. (Payment gateway)

Each one of those can be a complete discussion in itself.

If you dream of making money online, don’t give up your dream, go after it. It really is possible, just follow the right path and be willing to work towards it.