What’s the secret!!

Why is it that some people seem to make money where ever they go and whatever they do, while others seem to struggle no matter how much effort they put into making it.

The secret is not knowledge.
The secret is not talent.
The secret is not luck.
Some claim that the secret is taking action. Almost, but not quite.
Many people take action and it only drives them deeper in debt and frustration.

If you are looking for one word secret that will change your life, you won’t find it here, I don’t believe there is or ever has been a one answer that solves financial problems or any type of a problem for that matter.

Study people that do make it big financially. Here’s what you find in common.

They do take action, but the right action. Either at first, or eventually. Many made it after failing so many times by taking the wrong action. The key here is to observe, adjust and modify your plans and take better actions than you did before. No one knows what the right action is until you take some action and study the results of your action.

Knowledge; yes it does help. But the right kind of knowledge. Study the things that matter to what you are trying to accomplish, in today’s “information age”, we have information overload. So much information is available that we get scattered all over the place without focusing on what we are trying to do.
So called gurus will try to sell you information on how to manage your list of subscribers, without giving you a hint on how to get subscribers in the first place. Others will sell you information on how to get subscribers without giving you a clue how to create something worth subscribing to. Others will……, you get the point.

I remember when I had the notion that I will follow someone who is making it big online and do what they do. In theory, sounds like a golden plan. The truth is, you only see the surface of what they do, they don’t show you the time and money investment that goes into what they do, or how they really do it. The give you enough information to give you hope that if they can do it, you can too.

Luck? Luck is not even worth mentioning. Luck has nothing to do with predictable sustained success. Yes some people win the lottery and become instant millionaires, but we cannot rely on luck. The truth is, I can’t teach you how to be lucky.

A successful online business, making real money has a certain number of requirements that it needs to succeed.

I will cover those requirements in the next post.